"Porta Pia is a gate in the Aurelian Walls of Rome, Italy. Situated at the end of a new street, the Via Nomentana, it was designed by Michelangelo in replacement for the Porta Nomentana situated several hundred meters southwards, which was closed up at the same time. Construction began in 1561 and ended in 1565, after the artist's death.
It was through an artillery-opened breach in the wall a dozen metres to the west of the gate - known as the "Porta Pia breach" - that on September 20, 1870 Bersaglieri soldiers entered Rome and completed the unification of Italy. A marble and bronze monument is to be found at the exact point of the breach. Opposite the gate, on the external side, at the centre of the Piazzale di Porta Pia, is the Monumento al Bersagliere, erected in 1932 by Publio Morbiducci on a commission from Mussolini." Wikipedia Source
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